Sylvain Turgeon Remembers Opening Night 1992

Alternate captain Sylvain Turgeon remembers opening night, Oct. 8, 1992 (as told to Allen Panzeri):

“It was like flying on top of a cloud.
“It was the loudest crowd I had ever heard and you could see smiles on the faces of everyone, just happy to have hockey back.
“So it was energizing. But for me it was also a personal thing, because it was against a team (Montreal) that let me go in the expansion draft. So it was total revenge.
“It was hard but we played a really good defensive game.
“We all knew it was going to be tough on an expansion team. We gave it everything we had, but it was pretty hard to maintain consistency. Chemistry means a lot to a team and we were all new there, so it took time to get to know each other.
“But we did have some joyful moments.”

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