What does everyone hate the Vancouver Canucks?

Much has been made in Vancouver over comments by Mark Recchi on a Boston radio station saying the Canucks are the most hated and arrogant team in the NHL.
Why this might be the case has prompted all sorts of theories here, but Salo – one of the nicer players in the league who is without even a touch of arrogance – thinks he has the answer.
“I think it’s probably the style of hockey we play,” he said.
“We play intense, we play with a lot of emotion, and maybe that’s the reason. I don’t know.
“From inside the group, it’s tough to know what the other guys are thinking.
“But it’s probably because we play with a lot of intensity, a lot of emotion, maybe that’s the reason.”
“It is surprising, but those are things we can’t really focus on.
Our focus is putting our best game out there, working hard every night, being gritty, stuff like that.”

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