The post-game scrum: Quotes from Anderson, Phillips, Ryan and MacLean

Clint Eastwood fans would have a field day analyzing the Senators’ 4-3 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday.

Clint Eastwood fans would have a field day analyzing the Senators’ 4-3 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday.

It was Good, Bad and Ugly.

The good: Rallying from a three-goal deficit to send the game to overtime and pick up a point on the road and the fact both Bobby Ryan and Milan Michalek scored their first goals of the season.

The bad: Yielding an overtime goal to Jeff Carter to end up losing a game that could have gone either way.

The ugly: A first period which included a steady parade to the penalty box, a pair of two 5-on-3 manpower disadvantages, two power play goals against and, ultimately, a 3-0 deficit.

Accordingly, there was plenty to say afterwards.


Q: What happened in the first period?

A: That’s what you call momentum. They had it and we couldn’t get it back and they just … it’s like a freight train, you can’t slow those things down. You have to figure out ways to throw up some roadblocks and sometimes, you need an intermission in between periods to do that.”

Q: Does it feel like you stole a pooint?

A: Yes and no. We battled back and found a way to get a point. As long as you keep getting points, that’s all you can really ask for. But you can’t be satisfied. You come here for two and if you don’t get two, that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.”


Q: What do you take out of the game?

A: “We showed a lot of composure in not getting down and battling back and once you do that, it’s disappointing to not get the win after that, but at the same time, we’ll take the point after the way we started.”


Q: How did it feel to score your first goal as a Senator?

A: It felt good. In the first two games, I felt like there were opportunities and I didn’t capitalize. Today it found a way to go in and it felt good and I’m glad it’s over with and now I can try to get a bunch more.

Q: Is it a weight off your shoulders?

A: Well, you guys (media) made it a weight…after two games. It is what it is. It did feel good and it is a weight (removed). It has only been a couple of games, but it felt like a long time coming with the way the summer went. I’m very, very excited to get the ball rolling.

Q: How did the comeback feel?

A: Speaking for myself, I’m pretty proud of the way the guys came back and found a way to get a tough point in a tough building and get the road trip off on a not on the right foot, but on a better foot than it could have been.


Q: What happened in the first period?

A: Penalties, penalties, penalties and penalties. You can’t take penalties in this league, especially consecutive penalties and give up five-on-threes and four-on-threes. It’s pretty reasonable to expect in the National Hockey League, that goals are going to be scored (in those situations). We’ve got to stop taking penalties.

Q: Do you take a positive out of getting a point?

A: Any time you go on the road in this league and get a point, I think that’s great. On the road in this league, that’s hard to do. We’re halfway through a six game road trip and we have four points out of it. Are we totally happy with how we’re doing it, how we’re playing and going about how it’s happening? No. But that’s what we have practice for. That’s why we have video and that’s why we have coaches — to get it sorted out and get ourselves to our identity as soon as we can. We’re not there yet. We’re there in a lot of ways, but the discipline part of it has to be there and if we’re more disciplined, then our penalty kill will be better.”


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