Sundin a “legend” in Swedish hockey: Alfredsson

TORONTO – Mats Sundin’s No. 13 sweater will be honoured by the team in a ceremony on February 11, when the Leafs host the Montreal Canadiens.
Good friend Alfredsson, who played with Sundin on a number of Swedish national teams, said it’s a fitting tribute.
“He’s one of the legends now in Swedish hockey,” said Alfredsson.
“He had an outstanding career, both in the NHL and internationally.
“I always enjoyed playing with him, maybe not as much playing against him.
“He’s a good friend and a real pro. He came to play every night and did whatever he could to make sure his teammates got better.
“I always looked up to him. He broke in a lot earlier than I did, but he was always gracious with his time. Obviously it’s a deserving honour for him.”

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