Spezza sore about knee-on-knee hit: “It was dirty”

MONTREAL – Jason Spezza was still sore about a knee-on-knee hit he took from New York’s Ruslan Fedotenko during the first period of Monday’s game, and he wasn’t buying Fedotenko’s explanation that he was to blame.
“It kind of looked like he was going to give me a shoulder, so I braced myself,” said Fedotenko.
“Then he just moved his body. I thought it was a bad call.”
Spezza had the exact opposite view.
“He didn’t think it was dirty, and they didn’t think it was dirty, but I thought it was dirty,” he said.
“He thought I was trying to hit him, I guess, but I don’t see the logic in that because I had the puck. I was kind of yapping at him about it, and he thought I made a move at the last minute.
“But he didn’t try to get out of the way, that’s for sure.”
Spezza came out of it with a slight charleyhorse but he finished the game and was feeling OK on Friday.

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