Spezza gets side swiped

If Ottawa fans haven’t seen this, here’s a blog posting from Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, with some slaty remarks from former Avs winger turned TV analyst Mark Rycroft:
“Astute watchers of the Avalanche on Altitude might have picked up on this last night. If not, I’m here to helpfully remind you:
Former Avs winger Mark Rycroft – who I think is terrific at his job and has really added a lot to the Altitude team – nonetheless made what has to be considered a pretty controversial statement about Jason Spezza of the Ottawa Senators, who play the Avs Friday night in Denver.
Of Spezza, Rycroft said, “He’s a wimp. He doesn’t want to go in the corners. He wants easy points.”
I looked for some kind of previous encounter with Spezza in his 226-game NHL career that might have led Rycroft to this rather frank assessment of him, but nothing really stood out.”
Interesting . . .

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