Senators players could play in charity games

Ottawa Senators players could be recruited to take part in a series of charity hockey games being organized by fellow NHL players Max Talbot and Bruno Gervais.

The idea is to have at least a pair of teams traveling throughout Quebec to play fun, but high-tempo contests. If successful, it could also expand to include an Ottawa and Toronto team.

“It’s an opportunity to keep playing and help people out and raise money for certain charities,” said defenceman Chris Phillips. “I think it’s a great idea.”

Centre Jason Spezza, however, isn’t quite ready to jump on board.

“It depends on the circumstances,” he said. “There are probably going to be a lot of start up things

going on. Insurance is always an issue, but it’s something we would look into for sure. You have to be very wary of stuff that’s going on. Not a lot of it has proper insurance. I’m sure this is being run properly and guys are looking to play. If this is the the thing that Talbot and those guys are playing in, I’m sure they’ve done a little bit of homework, but nobody has talked to us about being a part of it.”

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