Post-game quotes

See what the players and coach had to say after the game.

Craig Anderson

How do you stop the momentum when the Red Wings come at you?

“You need a big save or a big play, that type of thing. When the snowball starts, it just keeps going and going and you’ve just got to find some way to counter that. I thought we did a good job calling the time out and settling things down.”

Chris Phillips

“We all have to be a little smarter with the puck and make some better decisions.”

“It was just a case of making some mistakes in costly areas”

Jason Spezza

“There are going to be some growing pains and when you see the way (the Red Wings) play, it didn’t happen overnight. The confidence they have with the puck is what makes them so good and we have to keep working at it to hope we can get to that level at some point.”

Paul MacLean

“It just looked like it always did from my bench, the same as it did from when I was on their bench. They were a little quicker on the transition game and in the second period, they did a good job of catching us from behind and we were just a little bit slow.”

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