Photo Caption Contest Winners

Thank to everyone who entered the contest. Watch for our winners at tonight’s game, sitting in their 100-level seats, wearing their Ready-For More Sens T-shirts, cheering their favorite team.

Congratulations to our Day 1 Winners!

Claude Dubois:

Even the devil is a Sens Fan!

Matt Saunders:

Sens fans. Hardcore fans. For hardcore hockey.


Congratulations to our Day 2 Winners!

Amaan Ahmad:

Milan Michalek loves the no look high five

Alan McNaul:

All hands on deck for the start of the season!


Congratulations to our Day 3 Winners!

Adam Siggers:

Son the last time the Leafs won the cup their fans were wearing these clothes.

Nicholas Bond:

Now that’s what I call a throwback jersey!


Congratulations to our Day 4 Winners!

Tony Giampietro:

Uhhhhh….our wives are using our jerseys ?

Brenda Kelly:

Even free beer at the home opener won’t make these guys look good!


Congratulations to our Day 4 Winners!

Cheryl Robinson:

I’m only gonna say this once….The Sennnnssss are back!!!!

Mary Ellen:

“On the NHL runway” red is the hot colour for the Sen’s 2013 Winter Collection.


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