Phillips returns to begin another Iron Man streak

Chris Phillips, out for two games with an undisclosed upper-body injury, returned against the Flames. The two games ended a remarkable iron-man streak
The last time Phillips missed a game was in the 2007-08 season because of the flu.
Phillips said the streak is something he’s proud of, but he wasn’t going to stay in the lineup just to keep it alive.
“You want to be in the lineup as much as possible, and there are games when you’re not 100 per cent, but you fight through that,” he said.
“I would have liked to keep it going. But there’s that fine line between being able to play and going out there just to say you got the game in.
“We’ve got seven (defencemen), an extra guy who’s healthy and ready to step in. It’s better than having someone out there who is just a liability.”

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