Meanwhile, Sergei Gonchar plays his 1,100 NHL game

SAN JOSE — While Mark Borowiecki was trying to control his nerves to play his first game in the NHL, Sergei Gonchar, 37, was getting ready to play his 1,100th. It was a milestone that surprised even him.
“The thing is, time is just flying by,” he said.
“It seems like just a little ago I was starting in the NHL, then all of a sudden it’s 1,100 games. Time just flies by, season after season.”
He said occasions such as this make him think about his future and how much longer he’ll continue to play. But he’s not thinking about packing it in anytime soon.
“So far I feel pretty good,” he said.
“A few injuries here and there, but nothing lately, so I’m happy about it.
“I’m feeling healthy and still enjoying the game. I’m having fun. If I continue to have that feeling, I’ll keep playing.”

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