Matt Puempel’s all-star surgeon

Sens first-round (24th overall) draft choice Matt Puempel, who finished 28th in the final Central Scouting ranking, said he was worried about where he would be drafted after having hip surgery. Teams, he thought, might be worried about his recovery.
But if they were, he never was. He went to the hip surgeon of the stars: Marc Philiippon at Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado
“I was worried until I met the surgeon and I knew who was going to do it,” said Puempel.
“He was first class, the best doctor around for a hip injury. I was honoured to be his patient.
You walk up through the hallway there and see all the jerseys and all the different players he’s done in all sports. They’ve all had full recovery, so I’m extremely confident and really happy that he did it.”
Puempel was actually there with former Senators goalie Pascal Leclaire, who had his hip surgery the day before.

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