Karlsson going through his Easton sticks like toothpicks

Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean likes everything about Erik Karlsson except the Easton sticks he uses – or at least this particular batch of sticks.
They’ve developed a nasty tendency to break at the worst possible time – like when Karlsson is taking a shot from the point during a power play.
He figures he’s breaking one a game. He also figures he might have had at least two more goals if a stick hadn’t broken at the wrong time.
Karlsson’s not about to give up on the brand, which is good news for Easton even if the publicity surrounding these breakable sticks is unwanted.
But Karlsson has talked to the company and hopes to have the problem solved in the next few weeks when a new batch arrives.
“It’s just the way it is sometimes,” he said.
“Maybe it’s way I shoot. Or maybe I get a slash (on the stick) every game.
“I don’t really know why they break, I just hope that the next order will be better and they’ll stop breaking on me.
“I just think I’m getting some bad luck there, but I. . . still like the sticks and I’m going to keep playing with them.”

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