Jared Cowen weathers rough opening night

NEW YORK – Jared Cowen won’t be fondly remembering his NHL playoff debut. In almost 16 minutes of ice time on Thursday, he was minus-3 and committed the turnover that led to Marian Gaborik’s goal.
But he said it didn’t feel as bad as it looked.
“The stats aren’t always reflective of how you play, and I felt that was the case (Thursday night). I felt fine, I felt like I was making the right plays at times.
“One goal was right after a penalty kill (Brian Boyle’s, 13 seconds after a penalty to Filip Kuba ended), things like that, but the rest of the game I felt fine.
“But playoffs are where everyone capitalizes on mistakes we made two too many.”
Cowen said was more excited than nervous, but found that the time he spent with Binghamton during the playoff run helped keep him calm.

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