Goalie Dilemma

It’s nice to see a team other than Ottawa having a goaltender controversy. The Penguins are in the throes of one, with backup Brent Johnson having supplanted No. 1 Marc-Andre Fleury.
So while Clouston didn’t have a question about who his starter would be on Monday night, Pittsburgh did.
Many thought Bylsma would go back to Fleury, but he chose to stay with the hot goalie, Johnson.
Asked what he would do – Stick with the hot goalie or get the No. 1 guy back in? – Clouston suggested he would have made the same choice.
“It depends on the situation, but if you have a goaltender like they do right now who’s playing very well, often you’re going to want to stick with him,” he said.
“It is a long season. It is a team game, and he’s part of the team. If you look at the record with one goalie in compared to the other, there’s a pretty big difference.
“We know that he’s giving them confidence right now. When you have a goalie back there making those type of saves and having those type of numbers, it allows you to play your game.”

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