The post-game report: Despite the two points, Senators coach Paul MacLean not happy

Even though his team got a much-needed two points, Ottawa coach Paul MacLean was not a happy man after Thursday night’s game.

Even though his team got a much-needed two points, Ottawa coach Paul MacLean was not a happy man after Thursday night’s game.

“We got five and they got two, so that’s obviously the good news.
“And the team got a good start.
“But again, we gave up 42 shots at home. I don’t think we handled momentum swings very well.
“But saying all that, really the positive thing is coming back from a six-game road trip, playing a day after coming back from the west coast.
“It’s always a difficult game. The team responded. (Craig Anderson) was obviously outstanding in the net and kept the game where we needed it to be. And at the end of the day, we win the game, so it’s time to get ready for the next one.”
MacLean said the team has to lower both the number of shots it is allowing and the number of penalties it is taking. It took seven minors against the Devils.
“We’re going to have to come up with an answer for it, because we take way too many penalties.
“In my opinion they’re lazy penalties, for want of a better term, where we reach instead of moving our feet and skating. We end up taking penalties because we’re reaching with our stick, and that turns momentum the wrong way.
“Seven and half minutes left in the first period, we’re up 2-0 and take four minor penalties, and arguably all four we didn’t have to take.
“So we’re going to have to address that again and find a better solution than we have.”

Bobby Ryan figures he surprised Martin Brodeur with his quick shot in the first period that resulted in his fourth goal of the season.

“I don’t know how (Kyle Turris) ended up with the puck on the entry, but he did a good job, he drew two guys to him, and then threw a pass in and behind.
“I think the goalie and the (defence) thought the routine play there is to a come out the other side and go low to high and try to establish something.
“But he landed the pass perfectly, so all I kind of did was turn my wrist over and threw it to where I knew (Brodeur) was going to be open.
“So it was nice. I think he thought I was coming out the other side but I guess I threw it back against the grain.
“That’s a tough play for a goalie, so I was happy to capitalize on it.”

Craig Anderson was happy with the two points but figured the Senators made it harder than it had to be on themselves.

“We definitely were looking forward to this game. Being on the road, and all the travel, and the way we were playing, we were really happy to get that last win in Phoenix, and we wanted to carry over some of the momentum to tonight.
“With the energy the building brought us, and the opening ceremonies, we built off that and were able to come out flying.
“Anytime you get a 2-0 to start the game, I’d rather have that than to be down two and have to dig yourself out.
“But we’ve got to play smart. We’ve got to stay out of the penalty box and almost just play boring hockey.
“When you’re up by two or three goals, you just chip the puck in and keep three guys high all the time, just make it hard for the other team to get anything going.
“That’s the way you have to learn to play with the lead.”



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