Chris Phillips’ brewpub nears opening in May

Ottawa Senators defenceman Chris Phillips has at least another two years of hockey in him, which is how long his current contract lasts.
But under construction at the corner of Iris and Greenbank in Ottawa’s west end is the project he hopes keeps him busy when life after hockey finally does arrive: a microbrewery that will bear his nickname, The Big Rig.
He and his partners expect to open the brewpub in May on the site that has housed such past ventures as Le Biftheque.
“No matter what happens hockey-wise, I’ll be back here,” said Phillips.
“It’s basically home now. . . so this will be something to work with and have fun with when hockey’s done.
“We’ve had a lot of talks, and a lot of ideas have been thrown around with the partners I’m involved with, and we’re getting closer to that day now, so, yeah, it’s going to be exciting.”

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