Carkner gives “Don’t Touch” memo to Penguins Cooke

NEW YORK – Near the end of Tuesday’s game, Pittsburgh intimidator Matt Cooke drove Senator defenceman Sergei Gonchar into the boards. It was clearly a late hit, and Matt Carkner wasn’t going to let it pass.
So just as the final buzzer was going, he took two swipes at Cooke just to let him know. The first one was pretty good shot. The second barely glanced Cooke, but he fell like he had been shot.
Carkner’s message? Don’t even think of doing that to one of our players.
“You can’t run around putting late hits on our good players,” he said.
“In the scrum, I was, ‘You deserve that.’ I don’t think he’s too fair of a player, but it’s not a big deal.
“He made a late hit and I just gave him a shot. No big deal. It happens all the time.”
Carkner got two for roughing but the game was over.

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