Brodeur boomerangs back

With Pascal Leclaire still not over his lower-body injury, Mike Brodeur boomeranged back to Ottawa from Binghamton on Sunday.

He figures to be doing that quite often for the next little bit.

There’s no indication when Leclaire will be back, and the Senators need to keep Brodeur’s 600,000 off the salary cap. Every little bit helps. With Brodeur on the cap, the Senators have only about $1.1 million of free space.

Leclaire was given a couple of days off from skating in the hope that he would improve, said coach Cory Clouston. He’s crossing his fingers that Leclaire will be on the ice for today’s practice. The state of his injury has progressed from pain to discomfort.

“We’ll play it day-by-day, but he has progressed,” said Clouston.

“He is better (Sunday) than he was (Saturday).”

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