Bobby Butler looking for scoring touch

After Bobby Butler scored 10 goals in just 36 NHL games last season, it was expected that he would resume that scoring pace this season.
That’s the way expectations work, said MacLean.
“Once you do it once, it’s kind of expected you do it again,” he said.
“For me it was the hardest thing I had to learn. I remember (teammate) Floyd Thomson, I was in Salt Lake City and I had just scored my 30th goal.
“Three people congratulated me and Floyd Thomson said, ‘Now you’ve got to do it again. They’re going to expect it again from you next year.’
“And it scared me to death. But that’s reality.”
It’s the reality Butler is facing. In six games, he’s had just one assist, making him perhaps the biggest disappointment so far.
It hasn’t helped that he was sidelined at the start of the year with a groin injury. That has hurt his timing and left him searching for answers.
“I’ve gone through a couple of these kind of droughts,” he said.
“You learn every time, try to get through them, and go back to basics. It’s something you learn. It comes and goes. When you’re hot, you’re hot.”
MacLean thinks all Butler needs is a goal.
“It’s all about confidence,” said MacLean.
“Once it goes in the net, it’ll go in the net for him.
“I know when I used to be like that, I used to go out and get into a fight.
“That would get rid of some of the frustration, but I don’t think Bobby’s going to do that.”

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