Alfredsson not optimistic about quick resolution to NHL lockout

More bad news, Senators fans. Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson figures NHL players will be sitting out awhile longer.

“There’s no deal that’s going to be done in the short term here, so we’re looking at being locked out for a period of time, I think.,” Alfredsson told the Citizen’s Matthew Pearson at Wednesday’s Leader for Mental Health breakfast.

Alfredsson, who is a champion for the cause of mental¬† health due to his sister’s decade-long bout with anxiety issues, says he’s keeping up his off-ice workouts in the gym and is helping to coach¬†his son, Hugo, with his atom-aged competitive team.

Even though it’s possible an extended lockout could mean the end to his own impressive career, Alfredsson maintains that he’s fully behind the efforts by the players’ association to negotiate the best possible collective bargaining agreement for the future.

“I went through the lockout the last time and I’m a different stage of my career and I feel the same now as I did then.,” he said. “Even if this would turn out to be a whole season and I wouldn’t play again, that’s fine with me. I’m just a small piece of the puzzle. I’d love to play again.”



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