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Ottawa Senators fans have a very, very long week to digest last week’s abysmal performance, when the club picked up only one of a possible six points against three of the NHL’s weak sisters (or is that weak brothers or weak cousins?) Anyway, here’s a little numbers game you can play while agonizing over the [...]

The Senators will get some leeway with Jason Spezza and his salary on long-term disability, but it’s a little bit complicated. Spezza’s $7 million salary-cap hit doesn’t come off the team’s payroll. Rather, the percentage of his salary went he’s out becomes a cushion for the team. For example: if he’s out for $1 million [...]

With Mike Brodeur and Jarkko Ruutu, defenceman Filip Kuba did some extra skating under the eye of assistant coach of Rick Wamsley on Saturday morning, looking suspiciously as if he’d be scratched for the second game in a row. But in the end, it was Ruutu who was scratched for the second game in a [...]